Files, Web Space & Video

We've recently had a few questions about file space and videos, so here are some resources that may help.

Uploads to REDCap

Our install of REDCap supports file uploads to the following areas:

You're welcome to use these capabilities, however our installation is configured with a 16Mb file size limit for each file. This should be enough for most Word documents but may not be sufficient for embedded media (video) or large scanned documents.

Alternative File Space

WCHRI cannot provide file or storage space for REDCap users. For people wishing to store files online so that they can be "embedded" in REDCap forms or other research resources there are a few different options.

Embedding Video in REDCap Forms

Occasionally researchers wish to include a short video as part of their survey. This is possible given a few restrictions.

Given the points above it is usually better to use a third party tool to create html that can be used to display the video in whichever format is required by your end-user's browser. One such tool is EasyHtml5Video, which has a free version available for non-profit use.

Here's an example of a REDCap survey that uses these techniques.