Terminology Support

Terminology Support and Data Coding (ICD9, RxNorm, MedDRA, etc.) 

As of version 6.7 REDCap short text fields support real time searching through over 400 different online terminologies such as ICD9, MedDRA and RxNorm. This feature is valuable for standardizing text entry so that it can be analyzed later.

Here's what the REDCap help text says about this:

An ordinary text field on a survey or data entry form can have a special feature enabled that provides auto-suggest functionality for real-time searching within biomedical ontologies, such as RxNorm, ICD-9, ICD-10, Snomed CT, LOINC, etc. There are over 400 ontologies available from which you may choose.

Once enabled for a field, as you begin to type in the text field, it will display a list of choices below it with keyword matches from the given ontology (see the illustration below). When a value is chosen from the list, it will place that value into the text field. The *only* values that be saved for the field are values from the search list; thus you will not be able to type any free-form text into the field unless it is a valid value from the search list. NOTE: The raw value that ultimately gets saved for the field will be the 'notation' (often an alpha-numeric code) for the given ontology, whereas the associated label will not get stored as the raw value but can be seen next to the raw value in a report and also in a CSV Labels data export.

To enable the ontology search feature for a given text field, simply choose an ontology from the drop-down list in the Add/Edit Field popup, and click Save. You can even test the search feature here in the Online Designer to see it in action.

Below is a screenshot of the search feature in action as a user begins to type in the text field.