Login Issues

If you're having trouble logging in to REDCap one of these scenarios may be helpful:

Incorrect Login Details

If you do not enter correct information on the login screen REDCap displays the following message at the top of the page:

ERROR: You entered an invalid user name or password!

If you've forgotten your password you can try to recover it using the "Forgot your password" link next to the login button. If that doesn't work then email us at redcap@ualberta.ca and we'll reset your password for you.

Account Lock Out

After a number of failed login attempts (currently this is set to 5) REDCap locks a user out of the system. When this occurs REDCap displays the following:


For security purposes, your REDCap user account has been temporarily disabled because it has exceeded the maximum amount of failed login attempts that are allowed within a set period of time (15 minutes). After that time, your account will become active again, after which you may return and log in. 

If you believe someone other than you is attempting to log in to REDCap using your username without your permission, immediately contact your REDCap administrator: REDCap Administrator.

If this occurs you have to wait the specified time before trying again.

Suspended Accounts

If a user is not active in REDCap for six months then, for security reasons, the system suspends their user account. The account can be "unsuspended" by a system administrator.

When a user attempts to login REDCap checks their username and password. If this information is accurate then it checks to see if the account is suspended. If the account is suspended then an appropriate message is displayed informing the user that their account is suspended:

The following REDCap user account has been suspended: "johnsmith" (John Smith). Access to REDCap is prohibited. For more information, you may contact the REDCap System Administrator.       

If you are having problems logging in but do not see a message saying your account is suspended then this is not the problem.

Other Problems

Are you Using the Correct URL?

You may be getting an error if you've bookmarked a page that no longer exists (page locations sometimes change when we do an upgrade). If that is the case then going to REDCap via the main URL will work. The correct URL of our main REDCap installation is https://redcap.ualberta.ca

Browser and Machine Specific Issues

Users sometimes have issues with specific machines and/or old or unusual web browsers. specifically some old Alberta Health Services computers run old and unsupported versions of Internet Explorer. If your problem does not fall into one of the above categories try a different browser or computer.

None of the Above?

Still having problems? Email us at redcap@ualberta.ca with a description of your problem and the text of any error message that you receive. A screen shot may also be helpful. we'll do our best to help.