User Roles and Data Access Groups (Study Sites)

REDCap has a comprehensive user rights module that allows a very granular approach. However, it also includes the ability to define user roles with specific rights to access forms and functionality and then assign users to each role. This approach makes it easier for the study team to be consistent when defining end user roles and responsibilities.

In addition to user roles each user may be assigned to a data access group (DAG). Once assigned to a DAG the user can only interact with records belonging to that DAG. Typically this is how study sites are configured in REDCap. Users that are not assigned to a DAG may interact with all participant records and may also reassign participants from one DAG to another.

The following are some suggestions for user roles that you may wish to configure for your study.

Basic User Roles

Data Entry

For a multi site project data entry users should be assigned to the Data Access Group for their site. 

The data entry role is usually the most restrictive having the following access:


Supervisor / Coordinator

This role is intended to represent users who supervise data entry staff at a project site. This could be a coordinator, research assistant, etc.

Users assigned to this role should be assigned to the Data Access Group for their site.

The Supervisor can perform all data entry functions, can respond to queries (if enabled for the study) and can also rename participants. Permissions include:


Study administrators are members of the study team with access to all project level REDCap features including project and user setup. Study Administrators cannot create users (since this is a system level function), however they can assign existing users to their study and assign user rights within the study.

In a default configuration we do not normally give administrators the ability to delete records. However, since they have access to study setup and user rights, they can amend their user rights to include that privilege.  

Advanced User Roles


Investigators would normally be configured as administrators. However, for some studies, the Investigator may wish to electronically sign records. In this case this role would include that capability.

Data Manager

The data manager is a senior role with full access to all study data and the ability to program data quality rules and raise queries. Data Managers would not normally be assigned to a data access group although this may be practical where a site wishes to be more involved in the data quality process. Data Managers should be able to access the following:


For some studies, notably clinical trials, a monitoring role may be required. Study monitors are responsible for reviewing and verifying data at the study sites. They only require the ability to review data and raise queries. They do normally need to edit patient data so should have the following access:

 Monitors may be assigned to a Data Access Group if required.