Adding Users to A Project

You are a REDCap project administrator or PI and need to add someone to your existing project?  Here are the steps you need to follow to do it right!

If you are not the study PI or we do not have you listed as an administrator for the project then you should have the PI or an authorized member of the study team make the request.

1. Do your new users already have a REDCap login?  If not, then email and request a login.  Requests should come from the PI or from their designated Project Administrator.  We need First Name, Last Name and email address to set a new user up in REDCap. Once they have a REDCap login, you are ready to add them to your project!

2. From your REDCap project, click "User Rights". You can find this link in the following places:

3. Decide: Are you adding your new user with custom rights, or by assigning them to a role?

Custom User Rights

User Roles

4. Data Access Groups (DAGs) - REDCap's version of "sites".  When you first add a user to a project, they are automatically given access to all of the data in the project.  If you want to limit their access to the data that has been entered only in a specific site, then you need to create and assign Data Access Groups.

5. Document the addition of the new user in an ongoing list of users that shows you the date they were added, and the date they were removed from the project. You will need this list if you get audited.


Likely you have not been given the correct permissions needed to add new users to your project.  Check with the PI and see if they can either add User Rights to your permissions or can add the users for you.

For additional information on user roles and DAG see this page.