Instrument Status

Every REDCap instrument includes a form status indicator at the bottom of the form. A user can set the value of this flag during data entry, but REDCap gives no instruction as to the meaning of the flag or what it should be used for. Our suggestion is to use it as part of a formal data quality process. For example:

Data Entry and Review

Each study site enters and reviews data according to their local policy. They set the  status flag to indicate the state of data entry for each instrument.

Incomplete - Data entry has started but not finished.

Use this status to indicate that you have not yet entered all of the available or expected data. Do not use it to indicate that data is missing unless there is an expectation that the data will be entered later.

Unverified - All data has been entered but internal review (if any) has not yet occurred.

Some studies or sites may require an internal review process before data entry is complete.  The record should remain “unverified” until the review is complete. Use of this status may be optional depending on study and site or institutional policy.

Complete - Data entry for the form is finished and local review (if required) is complete.

Use this status to indicate that you have entered all available and anticipated data and any required local review process is complete. If data is missing, the form can still be marked as complete provided you have entered all the data that is available and anticipated.


•  You have entered all the data on the vital signs form except for the heart rate, which was not measured. Data entry is complete because this question will never be answered.

• You have entered data for the vital signs form but could not read the physicians writing. You decide to leave the heart rate blank until you have talked to the physician. Data entry is incomplete because you anticipate returning later to enter the heart rate.

• A study nurse has entered data for the vital signs form but the study data has not yet been reviewed by a study coordinator, which is required by local site policy. You should mark the form as unverified because the local review has not yet been completed.