Developed by Vanderbilt University, MyCap is an iPhone application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play. It leverages Apple's Research Kit (ResearchStack on Android) and the device's built-in sensors to collect participant information directly from study participants. 

REDCap administrators can create new projects compatible with MyCap. Normal REDCap users cannot setup MyCap without help from an administrator. If you're interested in using MyCap, please contact the REDCap support team at

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From the MyCap website 

MyCap makes it easy for researchers to capture participant/patient reported outcomes using mobile devices.


Customize the MyCap app interface to fit the specific needs of your research project using our web-based manager. Features:

Participant data is synchronized to your REDCap project.

In a Nutshell

MyCap leverages REDCap, ResearchKit, and ResearchStack to capture participant/patient reported outcomes via mobile devices. REDCap is used to define tasks/instruments/surveys to be completed by participants. MyCap translates REDCap task metadata into a structure compatible with ResearchKit and ResearchStack. When a project participant completes a task, MyCap converts the results into a format compatible with REDCap before synchronizing back to the REDCap project.