Sending & Storing Files

REDCap supports file upload and storage in a number of different ways. Please see the online help text for additional information.

Maximum File Sizes

REDCap is not designed as a general study file repository or archive. The system has limited disk space. For this reason it is configured to only allow file uploads up to a maximum size. (Normally 32 MB). We do not generally support the upload of large files such as videos. If your study needs to handle large files please see the note about large files below or email the support team at

Storing Project Files in REDCap

Project files that need to be shared with the study team can be uploaded into the REDCap project's File Repository. This is best used for sharing important documents such as protocols and form templates. It is not designed for uploading or sharing study data.

Attaching Files to Participant Records

REDCap's online designer supports the File Upload field type. Using this will allow study coordinators to attach documents to participant records. When using this feature please be aware of the following:

Securely Sending Files with REDCap

Generally email is not considered an appropriate medium for sending confidential study documents and data. REDCap has the capability to securely send files using its SendIt! module. Using this service files are uploaded to the REDCap server (either one at a time or you can package them into a zip file first) and the recipient's email address is specified. REDCap then sends the recipient two separate emails. The first contains a link through which the file can be download and the second contains a password that is required to access the download page. The files never pass through the mail system and the download is performed over an SSL encrypted connection.

Handling Large Files

REDCap is not designed to store or transmit large files (we have limited disk space). If your project involves upload, storage or transmittal of large files there are some possible options.

Compute Canada - Own Cloud

Compute Canada offer a service called Own Cloud. Own Cloud is a similar product to Dropbox but the files are stored on Compute Canada servers and are not outside Canada. Details of Own Cloud can be found on the Compute Canada West Grid web site.

Sync is a cloud storage system that is 100% Canadian owned and operated, with all file data being transmitted from, and stored at rest on Canadian soil. Using Sync will help studies comply with federal and provincial data privacy guidelines. Full details can be found at