End of Study and Archival Policy

REDCap is primarily a data collection tool and is not intended for long term storage or archiving of study data. The Library has systems that are intended for that purpose. WCHRI's current policy is that studies will remain in REDCap until deleted by the researcher. However at some point in the future we will be doing some housekeeping and will be removing old projects.

At the end of a project we suggest the following:

Deidentified project data such as downloaded data files, protocols and other documents can be transferred into Library systems for publication, sharing and/or archival. One such system is Dataverse. Data that is deposited into Dataverse may be considered published and can be referenced in publications via a Digital Object ID (DOID). Alternatively data and electronic documents can be deposited into the Library's Education and Research Archive (ERA). Details of both Dataverse and ERA can be found on the Library web site.

Dataverse: https://dataverse.library.ualberta.ca/dvn/

ERA: https://era.library.ualberta.ca/public/home

University of Alberta staff should also refer to the University's Research Records Stewardship Guidance Procedure which can be found on the UAPPOL web site towards the bottom of this page.

If you have Project Setup rights in REDCap then you will find the management options you need on the Other Functionality tab of the Project Setup page.