New User Requests

Principal Investigators and designated members of their study team are automatically given access to their project's User Rights module. This enables the study team to manage who can do what in their projects, which includes adding users who have an existing REDCap user profile. If a new project user does not already have a REDCap user profile one must be created for them by a system administrator before they can be added to a project. For this reason, the process for adding a new user is as follows:

Adding a REDCap User

Bulk Adding Users

For circumstances where there are a number of users to add it may be beneficial to use the following template:

User Import Template

Download the file, fill it out, then email it to WCHRI's REDCap support team at

When filling it out the columns should be completed as follows:

We will use this data to create the users. If the username is already taken we will substitute a new one.