Release Notes

REDCap is actively maintained by the development team at Vanderbilt and there are regular new releases containing bug fixes and new functionality. WCHRI's approach is to make new functionality available within a practical period following release. Each release is vetted by WCHRI's support team before it is applied to our production systems. Depending on the complexity of the release and available resources this process may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

* Installation dates are for our Standard (academic) installation and not the validated (MICYRN) installation of REDCap.

While Vanderbilt release changes as often as once a week it is our policy to only document changes that may interest our end users. We do not include bug fixes, security fixes and minor changes on these pages.

We have access to release notes going back to REDCap version 6.0 and beyond. However, for reasons of expediency we will only be detailing changes from version 8.0 (January 2018) onwards.

REDCap Releases - "Standard" REDCap

  • 9.0 Installed 2019-05-24 - Alerts and Notifications

  • 8.11 Installed 2019-01-29 - REDCaptcha
  • 8.10 Installed 2019-01-03 - New API methods, improvements to project XML
  • 8.9 Installed 2018-12-17 - Privacy and GDPR
  • 8.8 Installed 2018-11-04 - PROMIS Batteries
  • 8.7 Installed 2018-10-15 - New options for Data Exports, Performance boost
  • 8.6 Installed 2018-08-16 - Minor administrative changes
  • 8.5 Installed 2018-07-06 - Mobile app enhancements, PDF customizations
  • 8.4 Installed 2018-06-14 - Smart Variables
  • 8.3 Installed 2018-04-06 - Survey-specific email invitations, e-Consent Framework
  • 8.2 Installed 2018-03-17 - Sponsor Dashboard, other minor changes
  • 8.1 Installed 2018-01-05 - New Action Tags
  • 8.0 Installed 2018-01-05 - External Modules

LTS Releases (MICYRN)

Our validated "MICYRN" install of REDCap uses the REDCap LTS (Long Term Support) release. This is a major release taken from the standard release and supported with patches only (i.e. new features are not added) for an extended period. Thus each new LTS release includes functionality that has previously been introduced into the REDCap "standard" release. The links below detail the LTS release number and the standard releases on which it is based.